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the pregnancy story

My best friend Catherine is pregnant again, after her first child 2 years ago. Obviously not by me! thank the lord. I got an MMS from her on Thursday with a a pic of her current bump! She is due next Friday the 14th of April.

mms from catherine

mms from catherine

I got permission to put her mms on my journal, I never publish conversations, pictures, sms's or mms's or emails without permission! Well unless you send me abusive ones, then I can openly publish what I want!

The thing that amazes me with this pregnancy and the last is how the entire body changes. I always know now in tv and film when a women is really pregnant or not. Its not just a bump, the whole body changes! Catherines head and neck looks so different!

Here is an old pic of us from years ago, stolen from my badly needing to be updated homepage...

catherine and me

The entire face and neck totally changes! It does go back to it was before eventually but its an amazing thing! I am pro bumps! I talk and sing to the baby and seem to have no embarrassment about doing it!

Although currently I have no interest at all in children. I don't mind other peoples but they annoy me and I have no time in my life to give time and all that! Call me selfish but then I know they change peoples entire lives! I would rather have new kids in the Sims and the sims2, except when that fucking social worker bitch confiscates your kids! Its not my fault they haven't done their homework!

I can't handle the suspense of pregnancy! argh!
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