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Crash I saw Crash last weekend and really liked it! L.A police are said to the be the most racist in the world or maybe they were just caught on camera beating up innocent black people. I bet every city in the world has some workers who have ignorant beliefs. The Met Police in London has been called "institutionally racist" in the past, even though they have policemen from all ethnic backgrounds and even openly gay ones! But some groups of white racist policeman have been caught by the BBC on film talking about what they want to do to ethnic minorities. I think though most other police forces are less blatant than the L.A police force. I recommend the movie and it reminded me of 'Pulp Fiction' with its interlacing stories. All the cast were really good but I love Thandie Newton (and loved her in ER) and I fancied the hot Latino locksmith! The worst thing of all with the movie is that it had to get independent funding, its production companies and funding seems to be from Germany! Is it possible to make a un Hollywood movie in America without International funding? European countries seem to be the most funding of independent, interesting and thought provoking movies.

Everyone is so myspace crazy at the moment! I think its just a web trend! People all are like "add me add me?" and whatever happened to Friendster? No one updates in it any more! I think its just a fashion and in a few months no one will update! People always seem to come back to livejournal! There is a million of these friend linking sites with journalling and profile abilities, but the interest never seems to continue with them.

But if you want to add me account to yours.... (and btw I have enough difficulty updating livejournal so don't expect anything on the others lol)

My Myspace Account
My Friendster Account
My Deviant Art Account
(which does not contain any art)

D I want your myspace darling!
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