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Crack Celebrity on aisle 5

My fave moment of today is seeing the lovely Cyndi Lauper live on tonight's Top of the Pops completely a/ drugged up /b drunk or c/ really really bad on live tv trying to present! I swear she has done tv in the past and been fine and my personal diagnosis is that she was high on crack but its not proven in any form. She kept looking around the studio and constantly talking to the wrong camera for each link! She also kept looking to the right of her for some sort of help or something lol!

She also was babbling insanity!
here is my 2 fave quotes...

1. introducing the Suga Babes "its great to see more women in music"
2. Orson being shown on the chart as the UK #2 and the fact about them being they hale from California - "there is so many great bands from Canada"

She was such a mess and literally all over the place but it was fabulous, it always makes the best TV ever :)

Now I sleep

P.S ~ if you live in the UK you can see the show in really bad quality online from the shows' website I highly recommend watching the start of it :)
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