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Catholic Priests - breaking story

There is currently a breaking news story in the UK right now that 102 Catholic priests in Dublin have been suspected of child abuse of at least 350 children going back to 1940! That means more than 3 children per priest!

I am truly absolutely outraged!

In the early 90's Sinead O'Connor ripped up a photo of the Pope on live tv and caused outrage. She says she did it because she was abused by her local priest in Ireland as a child and that the Catholic Church covered it up! She told her family about what was happening at the time and the church covered it up with the local authorities and the priest was "moved" to a different area! She felt the pope was the person held responsible and the whole church covered it up.
This situation has happened before and once again its happened again! and I am sure it will happen again :(

edit:- the story is now posted on several news sites across the net. This is the BBC's coverage here where I saw the story breaking. Another scary statistic about this report is that this is more than 3% of Catholic priests in Dublin. Several victims are suing 32 priests so far. I have no sympathy on the priests, good on the victims of this! Especially in Ireland I don't know about other countries but there was a cover up and families were paid off! The Catholic church only admitted this was happening when the scandal first became a big media thing in 1994! You cover something up and don't deal with the problem and it always explodes out of Pandora's box in the end!
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