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RIP Nana Mary

One of my personal New Year's resolutions this year was to more regularly update my journal, and seeing as how this is my first post of 2006, I have sadly failed that already!

I was sad to hear yesterday that Shelley Winters had died (news story). I will always remember her as Nana Mary in Roseanne and in the Poseidon Adventure and she was so great! She won multiple Oscars and was a true Hollywood icon! There is a wonderful obituary of her over here. I have never seen the film of the Diary of Anne Frank with her, but must now! She did well for having a wonderful career and dying at the age of 85! The Poseidon Adventure is still one of my fave ever films and in May 2004 it was voted the favourite disaster movie of all time in a survey. (survey results here)

There is some American old TV shows which were over years ago but I love to watch! I still watch most of them on various channels daily and they show all the episodes and then go back to the start and then cycle again and I can never see them enough! I still really love Roseanne, Ellen and the Golden Girls! They were all so brilliant! I don't think there has really been a massively successful sitcom in such a way since Friends.

I will miss Shelley! :(
And I will update my livejournal more! Coming up next my review of my Christmas and New Year in 6 pictures or less!
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