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Seasonal Greetings formally known as Merry Christmas!

Its now officially Christmas Day in the UK!
I really should go to sleep!

I just wanted to wish anyone and everyone who reads my journal a really Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate this time of year or even if you celebrate anything! Even if you don't celebrate any religious festivals I think its a nice time to bring around all the family and brightens up the dark mid winter in the most basic way!

I sent cards out to some of the people who's addresses I know and I have some really old friends from the net who still talk to me *gasp* and they are often busy or don't use the net as much as they used to and I am a chat nightmare (I must open messengers more!) but its really nice to still talk to you guys and still be in touch :) I don't think I thank you enough ;) God I have known people since 1997!

So anyway to the point, hope you have a great day whatever you do and get what you've always wanted!
I expect my 6ft9 oiled up American Football player in huge wrapping with Santa's on it!
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