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The Mexican Terrorist and other Redneck stories

Christmas is starting to drive me insane! Hope you are ready for Christmas if you celebrate it?

Last night on the BBC News at 10' o clock there was an article about the US / Mexican border and immigration. But they had the most wonderful ever footage of rednecks talking about it! First of all they went in a helicopter patrolling the border and they found some immigrants running and the pilot was asked some questions and he said they were terrorists invading his country. wtf? The guy really needs to look up "terrorist" in the dictionary. I don't believe that the Mexicans are bombing or attacking or making a political point about an issue. Another police guy talked to was going on and on about how his grandma is hassled when she goes through airports and has her bag searched and yet the immigrants don't get searched or have their bags searched! That just seems like sour grapes!

They had these "unofficial" guys who are retired who patrol places at night and are all armed!

Mexican migrants do all the crappy low paid jobs that Americans don't want to do. I honestly don't believe that a huge wall is going to put up in an Israel type way. American needs some of those Mexican migrants and also needs the Mexican govt on their side as they have helped them with finding criminals and various people crossing the line in the past!

Someone else wrote this about the article on the news, from a newsgroup..

there was an item on the News tonight showing US attempts to stop migrants crossing the border from Mexico in to the U.S.A. .Matt Frei was in a Blackhawk helicopter and they were searching for "walkers" as they described them . ... The word "terrorist" got mentioned .I cant remember the exact words used but the pilot seemed to suggest that they were terrorists and Matt Frei questioned what he had said and the reply was " Well,they terrorise me " ....FFS .What a load of shit ...

from this newsgroup posting here

The actual news story it was about is here although does not have any video or any of the interviews with the white trash

Everyday I read something or see something else about America which just makes me sigh! I don't think its every going to change, and it has the worst international image anyway, except maybe apart from like North Korea. They have managed to piss off people in most countries all around the world. I considered this year boycotting anything American. Due to the environmental and international policies e.g, pollution, and support of Israel. I don't think I could give up American tv though! I mean most electronics etc is all made in Asian with American brand names, but I wonder could the future hold people boycotting? American needs the international trade, especially as the dollar is sinking! I honestly don't think the future is bright for the USA whoever is in power and that is going to affect any country who is associated with America too :(

The people who are not religious and / or right wing extremists, or part of a political lobby or can read are lovely, that I have known or met online! Yet people seem to be in a brain washed cloud, where when people leave the States, they suddenly have realisations, yet why cant people see it there? we are supposed to be giving the American way of democracy to Iraq? I don't think we will ever pull out!

Sorry this post is not very humorous or optimistic :(
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