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The pessimistic we're all gonna die post!

which sounds a depressing subject for a lj post but is actually not a depressing post! or not written when I am down! :)

Thanks to anyone and everyone who sent me a comment or anything about Rosie. We buried her this weekend. We were all arguing what to do with her, and my brother wanted to come home from university and see her, so she stayed in the garage in a box! I just say thank god its cold! oh its dark humour!

I think I am come to really realise this year that we could all die at any time or anyone we know or love. Each year there is natural disasters all around the world and accidents and they affect people. How do you know that in 2006 it could be in your area? On the 26th December 2004 was the Asian Tsunami causing death and so much destruction. This was a natural disaster. Possibly caused by global warming but we live on the Earth and we could be wiped away at any time. I think we take so much for granted when a whole country could be wiped away tomorrow by war or a volcano or an earthquake. Also this year we have had earthquakes in Pakistan and other areas of the world. Famine and still people who live in poverty that we could never understand and hurricanes which wiped out New Orleans! What could happen to London tomorrow?

Really we live such fragile lives. I remember when their was some massive forest fires in California about 2 or 3 years ago the BBC interviewed a guy who was standing outside his house now totally burnt out and destroyed. He said that nothing really mattered apart from the fact he has all his family safe and sound. I cling way too much to material belongings and possessions and think "how would I live if I ever lost that?" But really you can carry on and live without everything. You can rebuild your life. Everything material is replaceable!

I just think that every year there is disasters and they will happen! I just hope it does not happen to me or anyone I know, but who knows!

On Sunday near London a huge fire broke out at an oil storage plant. From my house in West London its about 20/ 25 miles away near a place called Hemel Hempsted. They call it an "oil depot" but really its petrol or gas stored, because its not straight oil just stored, its ready to go in vehicles and planes etc. At 6am one of the tanks exploded and there was 2 more blasts and the whole place went on fire. Strangely people in my area felt the blast and heard it! My family were all so asleep we did not hear or feel it! My neighbours were awake and did however. Later on in the day walking the dog in the park, I heard another secondary explosion and it was like rumbling thunder! The fire was huge and caused so much destruction and pollution! Only today (news story) has the fire totally been put out by hundreds of fire fighters and foam! There is pictures of the whole thing on that bbc link. I never saw any black smoke over my area though, but it was bad and was a huge storage place! Apparently its one of the worst fires ever in Europe!

I think this post has a morbid feel to it and a depressed feel and its not really, just a thinking post. Anything could happen and we are just lucky to be alive! Who is to say a nuclear power station somewhere doesn't blow up and kill us all!

If we escape these things then we are lucky! It could all change tomorrow :(
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