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The Final Rosie Update

After my last update about our sick cat Rosie its not good news :( I last posted last Tuesday the 29th and sorry for the delay in posting an update, I kept thinking about how to write this out and word it.

We left her at home and did not really want to take her back to the vets. She would not eat anything and no one could get her to eat anything at all and we tried every variation of food, hot and cold :( The only thing the vet said is that she could go back to the vets and be on a feeding drip again and literally force feed her.

She died on Thursday the 1st of December at about 11pm. I actually felt a sense of relief when we found her dead under my bed :( She did not eat anything at all since the Monday we got her out of the vets. According to internet advice I looked up online it said that a healthy small thin cat can last about 24 hours without any food and large cats can last about 48 hours. She was not a big cat, but lasted from Monday evening till Thursday! I find that amazing, but she refused to eat and save herself! I found it very distressing last week and was very upset and I started getting iller and iller from the stress :(

I know some friends of mine on here have lost loved ones to illnesses that involve slow deaths and not eating etc and I really really feel for them now. Its horrid watching her slowly waste away and get weaker and weaker and there is nothing you can do! I kept thinking she wont be here tomorrow and I was thinking on Thursday how long can she last! I think I realised she was going to die the weekend she was at the vets before we got her home. She just had something majorly wrong with her and she knew it.

On the Thursday I had this really weird like feeling or freedom and relief. It was very stressful and she was constantly on my bed or under it the whole time. I feel more depressed now but she died at home and she was happy on my bed. Rather than in the vets. We were planning what should we do on the friday or weekend (last weekend) if she is still alive. She was not uncomfortable or in pain that we know of, but she cannot live like this forever and I am so glad we didn't have to make decisions to put her to sleep. I think we would have, if it went on any further.

I was really worried about her starving to death and if it was really painful, but the vet said that cats will tell you if they are in pain and will make sounds. If she was in real pain we could call the vet out, but she never was and I am glad.

The vets bill came to a total of around £500 ($871 US) but she could not live on a tube forever. Its amazing how she suddenly had really bad health. Apparently it was all to do with the heart and heart disease :(

It was not as shocking as our old dogs death and he died at the end of 7 from a really similar thing! But its sad we are left with her daughter and the dog. She will be missed especially as she lived constantly in my bedroom driving me insane!

The biggest irony of all is that when she was 1 years old in our house, she have kittens under my bed in this room (which was then my bedroom and now is a computer / spare / junk room), she had 4 kittens and died under my bed in the bedroom I am in now in the attic. I will miss her, but she is better now :)

Rosie Tribute

old pic of her sleeping on my bed, taken by Rich

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