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Animal Emergency

My mobile pics post didn't work :( I will try it again after I have read through the instructions thoroughly. I think you have to upload a pic and start your lj scrapbook section of picture storage going and then when you send any pics remotely they are stored there!

Those of you who don't know, we have 3 pets living in the house (plus fish in a pond). Seamus the dog who is nearly 2, Rosie the cat who is 13 next April and her daughter cat Millie who is 11 currently. They are quite senior cats. The oldest my parents have ever had a cat for is 13 years so far on a cat they had when I was a child. I am always very worried about finding Rosie dead somewhere. Although she has a perfect bill of health when she is given an annual examination. Also they always say that dogs just go to sleep and pass away and cats live on and on and fight and go through cancers and horrid illnesses and keep fighting. We can say we have experienced that in the past!

Anyway Rosie has not been well the last couple of days. She mostly sleeps in my room and on my bed or under it. However she has been there constantly and hardly moved at all. She has this long position stretched out, and she normally sleeps curled up a ball :(

Here is some pics of her in her stretched out position...
(they were taken by my phone cam at night, and thus went weirdly blue!)

Rosie laying out not well

Rosie laying out not well with face

She has this weird totally stretched out position and her claws seem to keep getting stuck in the bed :( Also when she does get up she has very bad co-ordination and she is not eating and hardly drinking! I am deeply concerned!

Anyway she is going to the vet tonight and hopefully she will be okay! I have thought about every condition for her, is it this or this and really I have no idea! although today I wonder if its a mobility injury, like she has hurt her back and is in pain. So its about 3 hours to the vets and I keep hearing her crying out miaowing :(

Hopefully she is totally fine and its just something not to bad.

I decided if I ever move out I don't want any pets. As much as I love them, they are so stressful and you have to do all the vet stuff and medical payments. or is that just really selfish! i love animals but 4 people in this household have difficultly with all of ours! lol

I shall post more, in the words of azothRusty from the block ho hum.
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