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The Cable Guy

This guy came yesterday morning to fix our cable tv. My family nearly ended up killing each other the night before. We so rely on tv's in these modern times lol

I was thinking after he had been, I was gonna write in my journal later, god the engineer was not even good looking, oh man hehe. The TV downstairs was fine. I was talking to my dad on the phone and went to my bedroom and the tv was still broken! ARGH re phoned NTL (cable company). and they said they would send someone before 4pm again. I have to say for once in their lives, their customer service was REALLY good.

At nearly 4pm this guy came, and he was so damn good-looking I swear! He was hotter than JT :) He was not tall, or muscular, or a marine, or a p0rn star. (he was a real lad Catherine, lol). He had like spiky hair, and really big cute eyes. He looked like 18, but must be older. He came in wearing like big black boots, and NTL engineer uniform, and then went out to sort stuff out. When he came back like 15 mins later, he was wearing white trainers. he changed his shoes or something for me! lol

I so wanted to kiss him, or ask him out, but was too scared and he was probably so straight. He was the kindda guy, who has a wife and baby at home.

Anyway they put our cable on to our neighbours lol, cos the cable running into our house has fucked up somehow. A works unit is coming on Friday afternoon to relay it and sort it out. I bet he won't be there. I so wanted to say "will you be there?" but is that too obvious? I am sure he knew I thought he was hot, cos I kept starring LOL. He is like one of the cutest guys I have EVER seen in my life so far.

and I don't even know his name or will ever see him again *weep*.
I thought about setting one of my cable boxes on fire, but you never get the same engineer twice, hardly ever *weep*.

Engineers can be so cute!
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