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After doing a lot of things to try and start getting back to a normal life which have really involved me pushing myself and just trying to ignore my massive anxieties, tomorrow is gonna be really stressful!

My parents really want me to leave this fair isle and go abroad! l only am agreeing to something gentle to start off with! so tomorrow we are going to France for the day.

I have been there so many times in my life, but not been abroad since 1996! I am really stressed and anxious about it and not looking forwards to going under the sea. The journey on the Eurotunnel takes 35mins but l will feel so trapped on a car train!

I am sure it will all go fine! l need to think optimistically. Its gonna be mega challenging and its just a day! I am gonna be exhausted out all weekend afterwards :(

Anyway writing this out on my phone, l better go and get some sleep! l hate writing personal posts of me moaning or complaining about my insanities
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