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I have not written about Hurricane Katrina yet because I have not really found a way to put it into words but my thoughts are with everyone affected there.

Also my thoughts are with everyone again in the South over Hurricane Rita. How awful!

I hope that its not as bad as predicted :(

It really worries me that America still says there is no scientific evidence of global warming or climate change. Whenever they have someone talking from an anti environmental stand point in the UK, they are nearly always American! and nearly always representing big companies who don't want people to start becoming more eco friendly!

I think the weather in the UK has changed and I believe in the world its changed. In the UK Summer2003 the highest ever temperature was recorded which was 38C which is 108F I think, I cant remember now.

Natural disasters happen all around the world and could happen at any time, but I think people need to look at trends. Some US states have hurricane season every year at around this time and historically have bad ones every 100 years or so. But here is the question, what if there is loads of bad ones and what happens if they start happening every year?

Will anything change the standpoint? I believe we have messed up our own weather and looking at trends over the next couple of years I think this will really prove this. We are going to need to change how we live, especially in America or no one is going to able to live near the coast anywhere in the world!

Just a quick post however and wanted to wish my sympathies and thoughts to those affected :)
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