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Hot Cakes

Adding to my last post that was here about losing my Krispy Kreme virginity for the first time, I found an article free on google from Time (Europe version) magazine about it.

Its right here - Selling Like Hot Cakes

Its basically about Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Doughnuts are spreading to a worldwide presence. Dunkin' is actually owned by a UK drinks company called Allied Domecq. After launching in the UK they have made losses in Europe and recently closed their last UK store. Where as Krispy Kreme is flying off the shelves here!

devoiddroid found this article on the bbc news site about the launch of KK in the UK and Europe!

I will find out if the doughnuts from KK my brother brought were fresh or already boxed. There is a photo on that article of a huge factory making them and I guess its all pre made, but then most fast food is just made in a factory, transported and then re-heated! Its why it all looks the same and tastes the same. I still want the taste of that Krispy Kreme again :)
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