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Manchester Pride

I sent this text to a friend this morning...

out in the military!

*Obviously not all soldiers are wife beaters obviously

The news story was from here That there was UK Army and RAF guys in Manchester's Gay Pride marching. I don't think that would ever happen in the US. Is Don't ask, Don't tell still going on?

If companies that need new applicants to come and join, they have to appeal to everyone. The Military needs people and if gays want to join, they need to attract them! Military guys are gorgeous in uniform. I wouldn't join but if they can attract gay people who want to join, that's good right?

I know that most gays in the military are still totally in the closet as there is institutional homophobia! I once had a friend who was a fireman and was totally in the closet because its such a homophobic job and he would have died if any of his colleagues found out about him. He loved his job though, but just kept it quiet.

The Police especially in London, really need people to join up and are trying to welcome any race, sex or sexuality. I have always felt they were good at that, but some people say there is homophobia and racism in the police force. There is all those stories about racism and abuse to people who are Indian or another ethnic minority.

In last years London pride for the first time Gay policemen marched in uniform. There was openly gay policeman before that but they were not allowed to march in their uniform.

If you want people to take jobs, you need to be open to all. The Church is desperately in need of people to join the clergy, but will most sections welcome gay people? I don't think so!

I am going to watch the premiere on Sky Movies tonight of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. for some strange reason it reminds me of azothMcRusty
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