Daniel (shoppingqueen) wrote,

The Story of the Hedgehog

You know you are a really bad journaller when you go to livejournal.com and you are logged out for not posting for so long!

My parents have been away for a Summer holiday to France and I have been so tired and exhausted and so behind with my online activities! That sounds so dirty, when its not supposed to be.

One night when my parents were vacationing, the dog kept woofing in the garden over and over and it was about 10pm and I was trying to get him back into the house to stop disturbing the neighbours. He was acting really strange and he kept woofing at something on the ground. So I went to the end of the garden with a torch and he found a hedgehog! Apparently they are only in the wild in areas of Africa and Europe and native to the UK. There are none in the USA except in captivity, I guess its like we don't have raccoons in the wild.

Anyway I got the dog in and took piccies of the hedgehog.

It was curled up in a ball after the dog had barked at it...

hedgehog at the bottom of the bird table

hedgehog starting to pop his head out

I gave it some water and some dog food...

hedgehog not in picture, just food

I have been educated from wildlife programmes not to feed them milk which was always traditionally said to be the best thing for them, as it gives them diarrhoea that can kill them :(

it ran somewhere this way

It didn't eat any of my food but when it was rolled up in a ball you could see the spikes and see it breathing! Suddenly it popped out its traditionally black face and did ran out of the garden!

It went away but when my parents came home my dad spotted it in the garden one night and gave it some more food. Hedgehogs are really good because they eat evil things in the garden like slugs, snails, beetles etc.

Anyway I think its a nice visitor to have :)
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