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its all about the bombing

I was writing out a huge post during the day about today's bombing in London and not finished it yet! I am off with my family tomorrow to the Hampton Court Flower Show - its a yearly family thing and I enjoy it! Anyway I am too tired and exhausted to finish off writing but wanted to write a really quick lj post!

My family and I are fine! My parents and brother both went to work today and got trapped in London, but all reached work and heard from them and my dad drove back with them all, so they all got home! Everyone I know seems fine too! We got loads of lovely phone calls, texts, emails etc from people today. Its funny how some people you have not heard from for years get in touch! I guess it pulls people together :)

I shall write more about it tomorrow!

I leave you with my favourite pic today. The great thing about modern technology today is that people can video or take a pic with their camera phones and mms or email it in to news stations. There is literally cameras at any incident now and its going to be very interesting in the future. I thought this was a really great picture sent to lots of the new channels from someone's mobile phone. Its a beautiful pic, with the artistic light :)

Walking Through The Tunnels To Safety!

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