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It's no longer a temporary thing

I am back from Wales yey! I got back on Friday and when you get home everything seems so disorganised and insane!

I woke up this morning and quickly browsing my lj friends I saw on the hunky legalmooseLegal Moose's LJ about permanent accounts on lj are back! (story here) For just 24 hours and cost $150 and you get 100 user pictures! I thought about it and I am so impulsive! I brought a permanent account. Mainly because I want to support livejournal and I like my account. Even though I don't post as much and a nightmare journaller, (but I shall improve damn you!), I want my account there and I have no plans on moving/ changing/ deleting it like all my friends have on here basically!

Ugh its a huge sum of money in one go, but I just dumped it on credit card! I will regret it in the morning lol! I guess I was paying $25 a year plus $10 for more pictures and I have had an account now since June 2001! The other thing that persuaded me is that the us dollar is currently really good against the £ and against most other currencies at the moment (as Bush wrecks the U.S economy) so shopping for anything in dollahs is really good value at the moment! I am saving money by doing it! That's what I will keep telling myself, saving money!

So now you will never get rid of me whatever happens in my life, unless I die or there is a nuclear war or the internet becomes illegal due to the excessive pr0n content or computers are banned for health reasons etc!

P.S ~ I donated the rest of my previous paid account to deeevampDeeeVAMP! all 88 days! I have brought azothMcRusty a years membership in the past and I am sure his lj lasts now till about 2006!

P.P.S ~ According to todays xe.net rates, $150 = £81.81 which is not bad really.

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