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The tale of the man who nearly died in the street (it was not me!)

I had to add the end bit to the subject line due to people getting RSS feeds of my infrequent posts as just headers and panicking lol!

I am behind on posts of things that I really want to tell the world. I have a weird life and seem to attract the oddest things that happen to me! I attract insane events! Yet I don't know why! I am a magnet of insanity!

A few weeks ago near the end of January. My father and I happened across a sick person. My house is on a hill (but not a Bates style motel on a hill or a house like a House on Haunted Hill type hill), but most roads from my house either go downwards or upwards. We were going out one day at about 6:30pm to walk the dog. To get to the park we walk down our road, down a hill. As we went through our front gate into the street, a lady walked down the street in front of us (a lot of people walk down our street after commuting home after work, so during rush hour, you get loads of people walking home, businessmen and women and the such). There was a man standing on the side of the path. He said something to the lady in front and she hurriedly walked off. We were behind her, because I waited at our front gate with the dog, whilst my father locked up the house.

We started down the street and came to the man. He stood at the end of someone's driveway and spoke to us. My thoughts were he is trying to sell us something or con us. What does he want? He said he was feeling very ill and needed help. The man was in his 40's or 50's I would say and had a goatee. He was really really tall. I have to say he did not particularly look ill like pale or sweating loads or red and flushed. However I noticed he had a bag over one arm and his other arm was across his chest, holding his chest. Like if someone breaks their arm and they are put in a sling over their chest. It was like across it. My father spoke and said "Hi Tim" and my father knew the guy from years ago but I don't ever remember meeting him before. He said he was in a lot of pain and felt paralysed on the spot and could not move at all. I will do all my thoughts at the time in italics! My mind was racing and thinking logistically, like if he is paralysed on the spot, how the hell are we going to move him at all? then I was thinking, if he is paralysed how can he still be standing on the spot? He looked like he was in pain. He said that a week ago or so he had broken some ribs. My mind thought oh my god, he was beaten up or something like that! We still had the dog with us and strangely I nearly always have one of my mobile phones in my coat pocket or both of them and I didn't that time! I asked the man should we call an ambulance for him? It seemed like the best course of action for me. My dad knew that he lived nearby and apparently he lived in a different road about 2 mins drive away and he was nearly on the way home. He said he could not walk home any further and my father suggested trying to drive him home and then seeing what to do. He told me to take the dog back up the hill to our house (we were still pretty near our house). I walked back up to our house and went inside and my dad was going to drive him home.

I was inside the house and was thinking and was working out his symptoms and realised he could be having a heart attack. I did a first aid course years ago that was really intensive and was a weekend course. I remember about heart attacks but the think that made me think it was weird was that he was not hot or sweating at all. However he was in pain and said he had shooting pains in his limbs and in his chest. He also was in a weird position standing against a wall and I remember learning so vividly that people who have a heart attack often get in this position against something, to ease the pain. They are not normally lying down or sitting, they are against a wall. I grabbed my phone and went back outside. It had been some minutes and the street was now empty. I walked up and down the street a bit and my father and the man had vanished.

My father arrived home in the car, and we finally took the dog out to the park and he explained to me what had happened whilst I was going back to the house. He got the man to our car, which he drove to him on the street. However the man was so tall it was really difficult to get him in the car! The front passenger seat had to be taken so far back and he got in, in the end but still in pain. My father drove him around to his street and rang his doorbell and his wife came out with him to the car. They managed to get him out of the car. The man was very panicky and said he needed to get to the hospital. However his wife was much more calm and coping and said he was fine. She told my father that apparently he had fallen over doing some gardening in the drive a week or so ago and cracked some ribs. They are really hard to treat and you have to just let them heal naturally, there is no casts but he was given pain killers. He was in a lot of pain when it happened and went off to the local hospital in an ambulance and thought he was having a heart attack, but he was not.

He was given pain killers and that morning rushing off to work he had forgotten to take them. He was in a lot of pain and discomfort but it was all because he forgot to take the pain killers! Really amazing. He was fine after he took some. I guess he really did feel that crap but also panicking, but it was just pain shooting from his chest.

The thing that shocked me the most about the whole thing is that no one else stopped to help him! I know that we live in a dangerous world, but I hope that if I was taken ill that someone would come to my aid. My father always tries to help people, annoyingly so. If someone loses something or something he just starts to help and I can see that I get that too. If someone was ill I would go over to them. I did have a thought in my mind, maybe this guy would suddenly pull out a gun and steal everything in our pockets but I was just being neurotic.

I do sorrta feel good about helping him, but I wonder how many people he asked for help and they ignored him or just hurried home :(

Sorry its a long one!

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