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The World of the Strange (aka Happy Birthdays)

I have missed so many friends birthdays in January! I sort of remembered azothMcRusty's and a gift is on the way to you now my credit card has cleared! Also Happy belated Birthday to punkpixieflemJody, xbigjimxJim, deebeeHunky Deebee, larrcamLarry and anyone else I missed out or forgot! Also O-tanjoubi omedetou ri_naRina!

I think its so cute hunky Lleyton Hewitt asked his girlfriend to marry him. My mum is a tennis obsessive and was watching it live on tv and I came in the room and thought there was someone in the audience who looked like someone from Home and Away. Any who then I find out it is someone from there who he proposed too awwww! news story here. I thought Bec Cartwright was still engaged to the lovely Beau Brady - oh the complicated soap / reality cross over in the world of celebrity!

I never understand all these people now with names like Lleyton or LLeywlen and things like that and pronounce them like Leyton with a "L". In Welsh and in the Welsh alphabet "LL" is pronounced "C". That's like the only thing I remember from my Grandfather trying to teach me Welsh language lol. All place names in Wales that are double L are pronounced a C sound. I guess they are just ripped off Welsh names and changed to suit the rest of the world. I have a Welsh middle name that I hate. Actually I make more a issue over it, then is really that bad. Its "Huw" same as the English version of "Hugh". In Welsh U and W are also vowels as well as the normal ones in English. Everyone in my family has a Welsh name. My brothers first name is 'Gareth', which was so uncommon at the time, but now is so popular! He is just so common!

I have all the fun tomorrow of blood tests early in the morning (read as 9:40am). I am hoping they won't find sugar in the tests which shows diabetes. My body is falling apart and is my health ugh That seems so depressing but I am still surviving fine really!
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