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First post of the year!

This post was originally "fist post of the year" but fortunately I realised before posting :)

I apologise for being evil and slack! I have not posted since before Christmas! I guess it was the insanity of it all :) It was an insane time! There was some people that I meant to send Christmas Cards to or E-cards too and never got around to it :( I apologise! Either I couldn't find/ didn't have your address in time and I never got around to any email cards!

So happy related belated seasons greetings too...

gorkerina and it_tel
and Britta whatever your livejournal name is now, cos I cannot remember it! doh ;)

I shall better be prepared for Christmas next year! Mine was good and my New Year's! I have been so exhausted out and in a coma really this year so far! I could not think of a word to describe it really and then reading someones opinions online they used the word "weary"  which describes it exactly!

I shall post more :) But to redeem myself, devoiddroidRich filmed this short film of me from his mobile. I look especially gay in it! The file format is .mp4 and you need to download it and open it in quicktime player to see it. I can't work out how to convert it to a known format that everyone can play lol.I tried to post this all during great livejournal power out of '05!

click the pic for a ickle video greeting...

Click for my video to all my livejournal friends! :)


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