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I'm Supr

I cannot believe Suprnova is gone! where will I get all my bit torrents from now?
I download quite a lot already from tvtorrents which is mostly US tv programmes. Also I use UK Nova quite a lot. People capture tv from the UK and post it there. There is lots of current uk stuff. Its great if you totally miss something. However they have a limit on the number of members at one time. I think its 20,000 and when it gets to that it wont let people join.

A person on Popbitch made a whole list of current torrent websites.

Some of them you don't need to register first, and some of them do have ranking systems with uploads/ downloads etc A list of BT sites is right here

I obviously would never suggest downloading copyrighted material. But if you accidentally clicked on bit torrent sites, who knows what might happen!

In other news I am going insane with Christmas. I think I have finished writing out cards to people (tomorrow is the final Christmas card posting day in the UK to be guaranteed before Christmas!). I think I have brought presents. I have gone insane and brought so much! Our house is nearly totally decorated now.

I am feeling really sick this evening and nauseous ugh. How come whenever I am feeling sick someone starts cooking something that really smells and makes me feel really worse. Last time I had the flu and felt so sick, my mum cooked some sort of fish soup and the house smelt strongly of fish for hours! Tonight my dad made a late night omelette and the smell of the fat and everything drove me insane. For some odd reason about 2 years ago I suddenly really hated the smell of omelette's cooking! Now I find it hard to eat them, I don't know why. Just call me pukeahontas. I am seeing Rich tomorrow. I don't think I am gonna leave the house, plus its way too cold ;)
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