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Fuckwittage Today

good news, I am still alive!
I have had the flu and been exhausted and as normal am so behind on everything! I opened AIM today to talk to fabulous people for the first time in like a week! argh

I watched the football (soccer Americana darlings) tonight for some weird reason. I guess my family were all huddled around the TV watching, and I was checking out who had the biggest bulge in their shorts bless (on the field, not in my family!)

It was England vs Spain and it was really really shocking. Not the fact England played crappy (why am I even talking about sports in my journal? I say the only sports that get a mention are rugby players and American football players who sleep with me) but the racism.

England has some black players, and sometimes playing international matches racism occurs. This has happened in the past. However tonight OMG! Every time a black player had the ball, the Spanish crowds made monkey noises. I mean loud simultaneous monkey noises. I think it was really sick. God this is 2004, not 1920! How juvenile, offensive and pathetic.

The night before there was a under 21 England vs Spain game and the same thing happened. Some countries in the world do not have a mix of races and cultures in their international teams, but the UK does have a minority of black players. Previously some years ago during a game, audiences threw objects at the black players on the field, coins and stuff (I think it was a game against Albania or someone?)

Racism is supposed to have been "stamped out" of the game. Turkey was fined for their audiences behaviour in the past, but it was peanuts in money terms.

I really think that if the audiences do this, if they chant offensive things, and abusive things at any one player, then the game should be paused and the referee discuss it with the players. If a situation like tonight went on, I would suspend the match and let England win (I am not just saying that because I am English). I mean the team who suffers the abuse, should automatically win, and the other team lose ,and the game is suspended.

How can this be justified in this day and age? Admittedly it was not the Spanish team, it was the supporters and audience in the ground, but they should be accountable. This would not be acceptable anyway else.

This needs dealing with and currently the course of action is too small and too lenient. Countries agree to play at an international level in the interest of fair play and agree to some rules. If the audience made monkey sounds at people during the Olympics, there would be outrage! If they did it at the athletes or something.

Maybe its bad enough that Spain has really tarnished their reputation and this story about the audience is huge here tonight on the news and will probably cover all the newspapers tomorrow.

Maybe its a "sporting thing" to jeer at people to put them off. But every time a black player had the ball, there was mass sounds of a monkey, and that is victimising, racist and very offensive.

I wonder if anything will happen to the Spainish football team!

I live in some sort of dream world hope that most people generally are not racist or homophobic, they tolerate other people at the very least and get on with them. Maybe there is countries where there is far more racism than here. There are black people living in Spain. There has been a lot more racism in France and Spain since the Madrid bomb, against blacks, Muslims and immigrants. I think that those countries say what they think, but it must be awful for the people who suffer the abuse :(

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