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Its amazing the differences on the front page of British newspapers today. The Independent has a black page, with "four... more... years" in white writing, with images of torture. However The Telegraph (which supports conservatives) has the same words, but with a happy picture of Bush and Laura smiling. The Sun (the best selling daily paper in the UK and owned by Murdoch and a tabloid) has nothing about it on the front page, just a little photo. Which I found surprising.

My fave front cover of all though, goes to The Mirror who have been the newspaper most critical of Bush and against the Iraq War, has this front page...

The Mirror (front page 4th Nov 2004)

Absolutely brilliant. I may even go out and buy it today and support them. It doesn't beat my fave front cover they have done ever though, which was before going in to war. That's this one

later edit:- you can see all the main frontpages with discussion, on this thread in the livejournal_uk community here
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