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Vote for your right to party!

vote for your right to party!

My webcam images have gone weird quality again and the lines are back argh! One day I shall find the cause of it!

Today's Independent has the front page story..

A day that will decide the fate of the world

I really hope Bush doesn't win again (or did he even win last time?). I don't think I have agreed with anything he has done and he has damaged America. The worst thing of all (I think personally), is that when Americans now go abroad, they get abuse and taunted. I don't meant violence or abuse, but Americans are now judged on their president when going outside their country. There was a newspaper story here the other week, about some Canadians have to wear big maple leaf t-shirts so they don't get mistaken for Americans. How the hell can one person cause the fall of a countries reputation and a total huge mess up of a war! Some American people are lovely and shouldn't be judged on the seemly popular right wing America

If I was in America and living there , I would have such a problem. I don't think Kerry or Bush are hardly any different, but I would vote for anything to get rid of the Republicans.

If Kerry wins it will be very funny to see what will happen then with Blair. Will all the people of the countries involved with the Iraq war throw out their leader and political party, just like in Spain?

I predict that Bush will win and will be presently surprised if Kerry wins. Or maybe there will be 12 months of lawyers fighting it out! Did you know 10,000 lawyers are involved with today's elections? Democracy my arse.

My prediction is that Bush will win, but I think a scandal will ensure in his second time and he won't finish it. Maybe something to do with election fixing or something else. I think something will bring the Bush family down. He's the new Nixon, with just 50% more corruption and dodgy links.

The only good thing is that thank god all the courage will be over! I am almost ready to scalp myself!
Can't we have Clinton back?

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