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*** edit - this entry was strangely removed during a email lj posting, and it replaced this one! The comments for this entry are here, but this is the original post I managed to salvage, I don't know why it was replaced and vanished! weirdness ***

In today's The Sun (well I guess yesterdays now, or Wednesdays), they had a story after Elton Johns bitching fit about Madonna. (Does someone have a new crappy album / book / musical / charity to promote?). The Sun went through some Madonna FanSites online, looking at some responses to the Elton John rant. (his rant was unfortunate, because she has not mimed on the last two concerts, maybe it was better towards Britney, who did not sing a word in any song, on her last tour!).

My fave was someone said "Elton John? I thought he died years ago!" The person who wrote that *so* has to be gay! That level of bitchiness can only be achieved by gay men ;)

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