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I sometimes feel a bit jealous or left out of people who drink or use drugs or use whatever when they are feeling down or depressed to cope. I guess taking the pain away.

When I was having counselling my counsellor was a former alcoholic and his main job was counselling alcoholics and doing group meetings. My situation was actually really similar to alcoholics and that was why I was "matched" with him. Alcoholics and I feel anxiety about situations and "can I deal with this situation?" "can I cope?" type questions. I have never known anyone close to me with an addiction and my counsellor (rip) explained to me that people really dependent on alcohol (or drugs) need them just to deal with life.

Even though it must be awful and your life is getting more and more messed up, you are not feeling any pain and don't have any problems anymore. You are too medicated to care.

I guess the correct way to deal with things is to face them and when you feel low or depressed your emotions or/and body work through it. But I guess its nice to block it all out.

I feel so tired today, I want to go and sleep :)

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