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Sometimes I crack myself up!

the problem of having the user name "shoppingqueen" is some straight moronic guys** get confused. Don't people realise on the internet you should never base gender on the username! eg I am sure wildopenlabialips69* is really a man from Tonbridge Wells

Anyway this guy kept annoying me on yahoo messenger and I told him to look at my profile and see my pic. God its not my fault if he does not do a full background search on me before speaking (or just click a url!)

thus this hilarious conversation happened...

[01:54] boomattya:
[01:55] boomattya: UR A GODDAMN DUE
[01:55] boomattya: *DUDE
[01:55] boomattya: FUCK OFF QUEEN
[01:57] shoppingqueen98: Speak to the hand, the face is busy

[01:57] *** boomattya has been ignored.

I feel its always very important to get the final word in you know?
* not known if its a real username
** not all straight guys are known to be moronic, just the ones who seem to randomly message me online
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