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It never ceases to amaze me how fast August goes as a month. Its July and then its August and suddenly its September. I swear the Summer months go faster than the rest of the year! I always find September a depressing month. Its like everyone back to work or school (in the UK), its sorta depressing, everything going back to the routine. I am not keen on September or January as months in the year.

Tomorrow (Monday) (or today) is the day when the tv schedules in the UK break from the Summer shows and go back to the normal ones.

Five have changed their daytime schedule and put in Sunset Beach starting with episode 1 tomorrow at 10:30am and then every weekday at the same time, after The Wright Stuff. They showed Sunset Beach originally but I am sure they screwed over the fans somehow. I think they moved it to a stupid time before the end. However it did have a small but regular cult following of viewers of it. I never got into it, but I really want to get into it this time starting at the beginning.

American Soaps never seem to take off in the UK. Several channels have tried to run Days of our Lives and the others and they always get removed in the end. I think (as a observation) that Americans love their glossy soap operas with beautiful people with outrageous storylines, that are totally fantasy. However I think in the UK people tend to prefer reality. They want gritty depressing real life type stuff. That's what all the UK soaps are. When they have tried to do it differently it always seems to fail :(

I hope I get into Sunset Beach and it does not get removed on its repeat run before the end. I am still waiting to see the final season of Beverly Hills 90210 in the UK, at least I got to see the end of Melrose Place grrrr!

Channel4 spent a hell of a love of money on The OC and its not done very well for them at all. Dawsons Creek was a massive hit for them, but every other US show they have had since with some few exceptions (Friends, ER , most HBO shows) has been removed to an awful time slot! I guess you know that the best shows tend to be like at 4am or in a dead daytime slot, like at 12pm or something!

I guess these days people can download the whole series of a show they have really got into!

Sunset Beach is all about the gorgeous hunky chiselled men (and I guess the girls for those who want them)

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