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Sky One Re brand

Every September a lot of UK TV channels change their look and re brand for the new Autumn Channel. Channels tend to change their logo at this time than any other time. However recently every tv and company re brand I have seen is much worse!

This is no exception. This is the brand new Sky One logo which is part of their re brand coming soon. It was revealed today! argh

here is the new logo...

sky one all new!

If you don't believe me, you can even see the logo already on the sky publicity website right here. Sky One is the sort of equivalent to Fox as Murdochs major entertainment channel.

The logo is awful, why has the channel name seem to have became "sky ooo" argh! I swear its the worst one EVAH!

you can see old fabulous sky one logos at these links...

- TV History (these are the most recent logos they use)

- TV World (these are the really really old ones from like 1990!)

- TV Ark (the history of every logo they have ever had) TV Ark is a really brilliant website and has like promos and logos from most uk tv channels throughout history!

There is something really nerdy but also really interesting at looking through old tv history!

How come these days, tv channels never re brand for the better? argh!
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