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some parts of this long entry may appear strange, but I am trying to keep people in it, anonymous

Saturday was a really strange day.

My parents were having a kinda dinner party, like drinks after they have had dinner at home , with some friends.

Our friend with her son came over, but did not bring her son to London this time. He has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, which really makes sense. He never wants to do something for too long and is racing around all the time. He is very hyperactive and is not allowed Coke or anything with E numbers, but he is not a nasty kid, he is so sweet and I kindda missed him!

It was a nice time and other people came and people drunk stuff and things and I was just sitting in the corner. There was a conversation that came up about this married couple in my town. They had a daughter, and the man from the relationship ran off with another women. It was very shocking cos that family and the lady he ran off with were very involved with the local school PTA group. Also apparently the women he ran off with was best friends with his wife! Basically I think that everyone knew about it before she found out and it was really shocking, plus it passed around the town like wild fire! There is about 15,000 people living in my Borough of London and I guess it was almost like a fictional soap battle. The women (I am not writing names), and her daughter moved away, and had a massive legal battle. Her husband is still with this other lady ,and my dad saw him the other week in town (that's how this conversation started).

Then our friend the one who's son is my dads godson (he is adopted actually), said that she knows how the women feels, cos she found out that her husband had been cheating. It was really really shocking I guess and there was just silence. I felt really really sorry for her.

The thing that REALLY pisses me off with all this, is people are so judgmental. e.g. with the man and women in my town who had quite high positions in the school and it was a "scandal", everyone was suddenly all "oh I always hated him""he was so evil". urmmm that is so not true. He was quite funny, I remember him being a little strange but he was really nice and had a really good job and earned loads of money. (I cannot remember what in). A very old friend of mine online, is so un-judgmental. She still talks to you and doesn't question whatever you have done!

People were immediately the bastard, I never liked him,etc etc. She said that she told her family and all her sisters wanted to kill him, but its her own situation really. She thought about burning all his stuff but as she so practically put it, it makes you feel good for a second and then you think about the £500 wasted.

They are talking to a councillor and I hope they work it out whatever happens. I think it is wrong to judge her husband. It is so so easy to have an affair or do something to fuck up. People get bored in relationships and sometimes do stupid things spur of the moment and regret it.

I am against marriage, well not so against it per say, but I don't think that couples have to be married to prove anything. I mean most gay couples can never get married, but I admire straight couples who have been together for years and why do they need some paper to prove they are committed? But I have felt to myself that I didn't care so much about commitment. Like a affair or two was okay. But now feel that unless you have a discussed open relationship, agreed on both sides, it horrid to go off. It's betraying trust.

I have never really had a love relationship I don't think, I am unsure about it, but have had sexual. (where its sexual and nothing about dating).

One thing that makes me really sick about straight men is when (and often) they stray off when their wives/partners/girlfriends etc have a new baby. Somebody who will remain nameless on my ICQ, hassles me for sex and meeting up and he is married with a 6 month baby. My friend who works in a pub, she had this guy annoying her for like a month with a wife with a young baby. How on earth can you have an affair when you have a new baby? I guess they are feeling left out with the baby's mother and stuff, but to start meeting up with a guy or a girl. It's really sick.

I am really not sure how I would react if I found out my future lover was cheating. I think that I would be stupid and just say, please just come back to me

I guess people take risks to make things more interesting. Just being married or committed for your life has boring parts.

I hope it works out for her, she was single for a long time and went though loads of boyfriends, and has been married now for 15 years. I hugged her a lot when she was going home.

Things are not just fictional, real stuff happens everyday.

P.S ~ it always really confuses me when straight people say "partners". If someone says they have a partner, I always guess they are gay or lesbian and then sometimes they turn out straight doh lol

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