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re branding hell

Today (as in Monday, not Tuesday as it currently is whilst writing this lol) MTV Hits! changed its logo from this former fabulous one....

MTV Hits!

to a monstrosity that I thought was a joke at first.

I was channel flicking and hit MTV Hits! and I honestly thought the new logo was a scribble to tell the graphics department where to put the new logo i.e- "insert logo here". But alas I was wrong, this is the new logo...

MTV Hits new logo!

MTV Hits new logo!

truly a child + crayons could do better!

I have made my own graphical artists impression on how the screen layout could be improved with the new logo for everyone's purpose...

MTV Hits possible screen layout!

the moral of the story here ladies and gentlemen is:- always hire a professional to do your re branding!
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