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Do you know what really annoys me? When you spend ages writing a reply to help someone in a LJ comment on their journal and go to post and "you are not allowed to post a comment as you are not in their friends list" etc! what a waste of time!

I am writing this in bed! Its still so hot and l sleep with a fan next to my bed. A mechanic cooling object rather than just someone paid to applaud me!

Whenever I want to use the computer before going to sleep, I find the room keeps attracting loads of wasps! Sorry D for rushing off last night they kept dive-bombing me!

I cannot shut the windows cos I will fry to death! I guess I could sit in total darkness lol

I hate wasps, but I am becoming less scared of them. Realistically and rationally what is the worst they can do? I guess a mild sting. I guess I could have a sudden massive allergic reaction and die! They just annoy me in the room!

Now I go and sleep in the heat!
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