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Big Brother UK 2004 Final

I loved on Wednesday when they had the disco party and they had playing "we are family" and then Stuart was called to the diary room and was evicted (sorry azothRusty) and then the music changed to "I will survive" and Nadia started crying to "La isla bonita" bless!

Today's the final day of the UK Big Brother 5 aka Day 71! I have my campaign going for Nadia to win...

Nadia To Win!

although it blurred slightly and went crappy resolution during creation earlier today!

This is my dream line up of the final people in there...

Winner:- Nadia
2nd:- Dan
3rd:- Shell
4th:- Jason

but I hope its like this at least...

Winner:- Nadia
2nd:- Dan
3rd:- Jason
4th:- Shell

If Jason fucking wins I will be so pissed off argh. he is the most boring muscle man from hell! Its actually put me off muscular guys for the next year! All the media is saying Nadia will win, so lets hope she does. cos people might have apathy and not vote because they are sure she will win and then she won't argh!

I want her to win because she is the most fabulous and brave transsexual there has ever been! plus she has fantastic tits and moods! I hope she wins :)

Okay onto a night of bigbro :)

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