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The Storm

My parents return home from Thailand today, this evening! Thank fucking god. I cannot handle being Cinderella any more!

Yesterday a massive thunderstorm hit parts of the UK and apparently West London (where I habit), was hit the worst! We have had very hot and humid and sunny weather since last Saturday. This time yesterday I could hear thunder claps and it was dark, but I decided to take the dog out for a walk. I needed to do it and thought its been thundering for like an hour and no rain and I wanted to miss the rain. I went out with the dog and a rain coat. The storm hit whilst we were walking around the park, and there was thunder, heavy rain and lightning. The funnest bit of all, was walking across a golf course! The dog was scared and was walking and pulling fast on the lead but not going into a total panic. I like storms (when inside) but it was freaky outside and you could see lightning bolts behind you and stuff!

Anywho we rushed home and got in and the rain really turned bad! Some of the windows in the top of the house were open wide, and it flooded in, in puddles! It rained so much that our patio started flooding and all the soil washing down to it from the garden. Also it was raining so hard that we lost all satellite signal on our TVs. The signal was at 0% and one of my mobile phones, lost its transmitter signal from the local one.

It cleared after an hour and was very misty all evening. My brother was trying to get home and all trains to the West of London were not going all the way as stations were flooded and closed! Including all local stations to us and all local main roads got closed due to flooding, in rush hour!

Apparently there is more storms today, which will be fine! We have to get to Heathrow Airport to collect my parents at about 7pm! its sunny and hot at the moment!

Anyway I have to go and clean, vacuum, wash and scrub the house! Also I want to take the dog out before the rain (deja vu! argh!)

I offer you the photos from yesterday

All photos taken from my dodgy camera phone and so not the best quality, cos could not find my digital camera at the time!

the storm

the storm was really that bad outside and the camera was not blurring, it was the rain!

(as we know from my previous journal and camera experiences rain, snow and herds of bees are impossible to catch on cam lol)

me soaked

when I got home, I was soaked and you cannot really see how wet my hair was!

wet dog

the dog was wet but fine!

bundle of wet dog

he went to sleep soggy!

no tv signal

the weather was so bad, I lost the satellite signal on what I was trying to watch

signal monitors are 0%

the signal monitor of the signal was 0% for everything!

the end!

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