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what's in the envelope today?

My friends always buy me crazy gifts and I love them! I am so easy to buy for, because I pretty much love 95% of everything! I love weird and wacky things and people always know that I put knick knacks in my room!

Anyway my best friend drunkgothCatherine and fag hag and diva is Polish/English and took her son to see her grandmother in Poland for the first time. They brought me loads of gifts and sent them by post (but no Polish chocolate bitches! kidding really ;)). Anyway I got a package in the post last Saturday and opened it and got this....

Holy Water

Holy Water & Dan

Yes it's Holy Water direct from Jasna Góra, the most holy place in Poland which is in Czestochowa - where her family are from in Poland.

It's one of the weirdest things I have ever got in the post, apart from really perverted stuff that I shall not mention here!
I like it, I will do something with it! Apparently its blessed and is healing! I can use it for protection or something! :) I love random weird things!
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