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TRL UK Returns

In August last year TRL on MTV UK launched. I even made a livejournal post about it right here. MTV's original plan was to have it in Leicester Square with a crowd of people like on the American versions Time's Square. However they lost planning permission as local councils feared crowd problems and control.

It launched in the end from MTV UK's (and MTV Europe's) Camden Studios. They used the outside but still it lacked the whole glass window crowd thing. The show did worse and worse and in the last few months, more viewers watched MTV digital channels like MTV Hits! and Dance which was showing just music videos in the same time slot!

TRL UK was taken off air in June, and finally MTV have won the planning permission to use Leicester Square. They have brought the old Home nightclub (story link) and today it relaunches! They will have glass windows on to the square and a expensive new set. Also MTV and Nickelodeon UK will both use it. They will relaunch with a new logo (they are turning their old funky rainbow coloured logo, just dull red!). They will still have their Camden Studios and the new one in Leicester Square. I guess quite a few Viacom channels can share the facilities

I don't think this will save the show. In the history of European MTV there has been some far better live shows, especially the late night ones with Most Wanted and Up For It Live and even Select MTV (a video jukebox show).

The show is moving from 4:30pm weekdays, to 6pm weekdays.

I may tune in to the first show, and may look if each show has any good guests but I don't think I can be bothered with it. There paid a lot of money for big celebs on the last incarnation of TRL UK but have small tiny interviews where you find out nothing new. Also the music videos are edited just like in America, so you see about 1 min of them.

I don't think the concept of MTV TRL can really sell. The American one did hugely well especially with kids coming out of school wanting to see pop and boy bands. I would love a live late night daily show again, if the presenter chosen was good, I might watch that regularly. TRL is still one of the most popular shows on MTV USA, but everyone I speak to absolutely hates it. Even if they like the kind of music that's on it.

I found out today there is a Internet feed of cbs! I can see American advert breaks and everything! I must play and also start downloading Big Brother America episodes!

So I wonder even with the relaunch, will TRL still be going in one year? It must be very expensive to produce and show and MTV these days has no budget at all! :(

Todays relaunch show from Leicester Square is on at 6pm with guest star Usher
MTV UK TRL Official Website

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