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recruitment day

I feel so angsty (is that a word?) and angry today

pushy_my_bumPushyMyBum was visited today by Jehova's Witnesses and asked them about their anti homosexuality views on the doorstep (link). I am jealous because I would be too scared to do it!

They seem to regularly going out around London. I always surprised how many minority people seem to be Jehova's Witnesses going around door to door. We seem to get White/ Indian/ Black and also Chinese and Japanese people annoying us at the door. I found the Chinese and Japanese members surprising, because it so seems like not their thing! Why is there most minorities than white people? There is far less white people and I don't mean this in a racist way. I know that a lot of black families from the Caribbean and West Indies have quite religious conservative beliefs and very interested in baptist, spiritualist and catholic churches. I am not sure why they are more evangelical than white peoples religious choice. Perhaps it just what's happened thought history.

Any who these lovely black ladies came months ago from the Jehova's Witnesses and there was this big black women. She was such a diva and amazing, and she has this awesome braided hair, which I was trying to work out how it was done whilst she was at the door. I guess because I thought she was amazing, I let them preach and could not get rid of them. They asked me my name and I said "Daniel" and they read me some bit out of the bible, out of the book of Daniel.

They returned on Saturday and asked for me by name! (argh!!). I said I was making lunch and got rid of them.

I need to be more pro active about gay liberation issues. I would be too scared at the door though! I have problems that these people go and preach their crap at doors and annoy everyone! I need a camera monitoring outside my door!

Religions seem to need more and more recruitment (except Islam, which is massively growing! I have a theory that people actually like strict rules and boundaries, that's why people are converting to it, or it may be the countries have have forced people to convert). How on earth can they recruit me or think of telling me about their religion, when most religious groups are against homosexuality? You cannot have it both ways!

homosexuality is evil and you are going to hell, but would you like to sit here and make a regular standing order of money to our church?

I once told a Jehova's Witnesses at the door that I was pagan and they said well you believe in nature don't you, god created nature! etc etc. My brother once told some people at the door, his religion was Satanism and he was taught all preachers at the door would go to hell! I wish I was braver!

fucking religious preaching cnuts

P..S ~ Since I saw the wonderful South Park episode about Mormonism and how stupid it all is. I never realised how modern the religion is really. I put Mormonism and Scientology both in my hate cults section, as they both have even more ludicrous ideas that other religions and demand money for this, made up by some person one day when they were bored!

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