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you are such a banker!

I am up at a god forsaken early time on a Saturday morning! I don't wake up before 6pm or something normally (or possibly 10am). I woke up at 9! ARGH

Anyway I have to go with my parents into town, to go to the bank. I hate banks! Except sperm banks, but banks! argh!

I have to change a old savings account from my parents name re my name, to me! god its a old child savings account and also I wanna put my granny inheritance money in a isa tax saving account!

I cannot believe I actually have money saved and not spent it all! I am a spending nightmare!

Any who, I hope I don't have to queue for years and then a ding-dong goes off "please go to checkout 5" and you talk to some disgruntled worker though a voice machininy thing, behind thick glass!

Everything should be available online! grrr
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