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Lack of Sleep, don't make me weep!

You can see the approximate place I live in London, on this map right here That map is really zoomed out, so the places near the red star where my town is, are further away than it looks!

I went to bed at 5am last night, yes 5am! cos I was watching the fighting in the big brother house (Surveying the wreckage) oooh I do love action going insane! It so weird going to bed when its nearly morning of the next day! I am normally am dreadful and go to bed at 2/3am, but its strange when you can see dawn and daylight and hear birds! I think it was worth it though ;)

It's funny nearly all UK Big Brother related sites have crashed due to demand, and all forums have died! The official site goes down and up all the time too. I guess they cannot cope with the load.

Things happened last night and a lot of it was hidden from the live feeds that people were watching. Violence and arguments happened that was not shown, so I don't know everything 100%! The feed was suspended between 2 and 3am as well. However I do think, that if some people DID use violence, then they should go! bye bye!

The BB rules state that violence and endangering other HM's will result in immediate removal. This has happened twice in America. The people who used violence are still in the house and BB are telling the news stations that health and safety comes first! However I don't personally see how the house can live all together again! Its split into two groups/ infractions and I am not sure they can live together without killing each other.

Arguments are okay, and discussions, but using violence is the cowards way out and they should be removed!
Weirdly I woke up at 10:30am, and don't feel that shit! I may crash and collapse later though ;)

the aftermath!
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