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There ain't no one gonna listen, if you haven't made a sound!

Whoever knew that finding the sausage could be so dangerous! I say always use protection!

I want to write it down legally that I am officially cranked at Rich! I texted him like a million texts at 3am with everything going on in the Big Brother house with Emma going insane and he never even replied! I hate sending people live exclusive updates when I should be sleeping and being ignored!

I wanna get 3 political and controversial things off my chest! I hate politics because it always causes arguments and everyone has a different view! But you know what? I have seen on my journal friends for the past few days, one view and I wanna express mine. I don't care what anyone else things, I am allowed to express what I want on my own journal. I am always scared too, but fireloveMiss D always writes exactly what he wants on his blog and its always fabulous, why can't I?

1. Reagan - I am sorry but I don't think he is a sweet and lovely man! There is a wonderful piece in The Observer about him. He is described as "a conman a coward, B movie actor and a killer". I think you can speak badly of the dead when everyone is praising him and when you believe he was not an amazing president. He created the largest budget deficit the US has ever had and also he ignored HIV and AIDS ("that gay illness") and thousands and thousands of people died because of that. Due to lack of funding /research and education. Just like Margaret Thatcher some people around the world will always remember him as a leader of a country who did appalling and controversial things and failed.

2. Bush - I always have rants about him all the time and everyone gets bored of them. I remember when he came to power I said he can't do that much, they have no power really, its all the people behind him who really lead the country. My parents warned it would be disastrous and so far from all the evidence I have seen it has! I cannot name one good thing he has done for America. But I can name about 1000 bad things! He still has time left and may win the next election, and so I guess he still has time to convert about 4 more Muslim countries to "Americanism" (i.e- destroy them so they are worse than before") and also start a nuclear war and turn the US into a financial depression worse than the 20's.

There is two quotes I love recently though....

Morrissey "Bush should have died, not Reagan" (link) which has caused outrage in the states and people protesting! Just ignore them! People boycotted the Dixie Chicks when they spoke out about Bush. Personally if I was a musical star I would not want those people buying my stuff! and why do the people have to say their true feelings and thoughts outside the US? So much for free speech. I love Morrissey and The Smiths, drunkgothCatherine got me into them. I love the song they use as the Charmed theme. I would rather my stars and hero's speak and make enemies, rather just keep quiet and smile at the cameras!

Michael Moore It was reported this morning that he is gonna do a film about Blair's stance on Iraq and he was quoted as saying in a recent interview he said he holds Blair "more responsible for this war in Iraq than I do George W Bush". "Blair knows better. Blair is not an idiot. What is he doing hanging around this guy?" Moore told Reuters. I think that's really true. Bush is just a Moron, but Blair has intelligent and can make a speech and answer questions without people holding up idiot boards with answers on. That's the far scarier thing! However on his website Michael has denied the film now (link)

It scares me that Michael Moore seems to be the single most anti-Bush force in America. A lot of people think he is too extreme or criticises him, but why is he the ONLY person giving the other view. Even his political opponents have not brought him up on his things. Where is the live televised debates with Bush answering his critics? In the UK politicians have to stand up and have to answer being slated and nasty remarks. But they are tough people and have to be able to do this. The US presidents don't have to answer publicly to anything.

3. US Military - Since coming online my view of America has changed. I have a lot of lovely friends from there and there is loads of nice people and nice places. But there is so much I have problems with and its not this place laden with gold I once thought, there is real problems! Like I was reading that if California turned into a independent country it would be the 8th richest country in the world and is the richest state in the US. So why is it schooling system getting the least funding than any state in America? My family have been on holiday to the US and the transport system is really bad compared to here, unless you are in a major city you have to use a car. My parents were really shocked in some places how badly maintained the roads are. The UK is no heaven or paradise, but you know public expenditure is much better and people pay taxes to improve things. Also a friend of my fathers was having a rant about how if you ask any British person they will never stick up for this country which is really true! There is little patriotism, but I think its because we are so cynical really! He was pointing out that the UK has some wonderful things, including very little fraud as opposed to other countries, and the US Fire/ Police services and Politics.

Anyway back to the topic I decided to record two programmes about D-Day last week. None of my family was involved in D-Day but were involved in the war. Watching a 2 hour programme all about D-Day it made me realise that the American military is not some great source which is the best in the world. They fail at nearly every mission they do.

here is a few examples....

o They were stuck at Omaha beach on D-Day, where were they with the UK/ Canadian soldiers going in?

o Iraq war volume 1 (left unfinished and messy)

o Iraq war volume 2 (where are the weapons of mass destruction which was the reason we entered this war?)

o Afghanistan (where is Bin Laden?)

o Vietnam (the strong American military laden with equipment, the best money can buy, were killed by the Vietnamese with basically nothing)

o WW2 - where the hell where the Americans? until the end.</i>

My mothers father was stuck in the jungles in Burma during WW2. It was awful and very humid. The English planes would drop food over them and land exactly by them. The Americans took over this job, and would not fly low enough. The food did not get to people and the enemy would get it all.

I guess people could argue its sick to criticise the military cos people have died etc etc. I can criticise the American military and Reagan. People criticise Germany and Nazi's still to this day and lots died. Even though people have lost their lives, I don't agree with things. It's amazing how more and more families who have relatives away in the armed services, are against the Iraq war. This is a precedence that has never happened before. In the past, if your child went to war, you agreed with it, and supported them and they will win! Now its like "sorry you have to go, I don't agree with this". People can criticise openly now. I don't think I am un patriotic for not supporting it. It would be different if the UK had to defend herself.

Whatever is said about the strong patriotic American military, they always come out inferior? I have no idea why or how it happens! They always have some of the best equipment and training and America spends more percentage of peoples taxes on the military than nearly any other country. The amount spent on the UK armed forced is far far less.

I love lots about America, but its not a country of gold and its not sweet and innocent! I like to hear other views and I don't like hearing the same sided views all the time!

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