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A few years ago a powersurge killed my computer. It went through the power supply and fryed my processor. Fortunately we had one month left on a extended 2 year gurantee and most of the computer was replaced including a new processor and case. About the only original parts was the drives!

Earlier this year, I left my PC on overnight and in the morning it had both lights "on" on the front, but it was dead. I tried to restart it and unplug and plug it in again but it would not start! We took it to get repaired and they thought a capaciter had blown in the Power Supply Unit (PSU) and it was replaced and working again!

Yesterday when I woke up the same thing had happened again! The lights were on but no one was home! grrr! I don't get how its lost power again and its connected through a brand new surge protector!

The psu is still under guantee, but the repair place is about 50 minutes away and don't want to lose the computer for a week or let them see my porn!

I have brought a new Power Supply Unit by the net and waiting for it to arrive and hopefully l will be able to fit it myself!

I don't know why its gone again! The old one was 350watt. The one I have brought is compatiable with my Athlon processor and is 400watts. Maybe it will last longer. I hope it works!

The point of this all is that I currently don't have my puter :( Hopefully I shall be back soon!
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