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we passed the test!

A really nice South African lady came over today to check our house and interview us before we got the puppy. We passed yey! but she did express concern over the pond in our garden.

We get to pick up the puppy on Saturday morning! The first few days are going to be insanity :)

It's funny Dougal was a breed and we just paid money and got him, no questions asked! We could be living in a flat with no garden or anything! I guess if you are paying for a pedigree, how many of the breeders really care about anything after the sale?

devoiddroidRich is coming over tomorrow! I shall prepare the lubricant! only kidding, no sex shall occur, but try telling that to people online! He wants me to take him into London exploring! argh its so many stops on the train. I normally go into central London with my parents in a car.

If I don't have a total breakdown and go insane, I will be going by tube into London for some shopping, sites, mwahing and the Soho gay area! Plus I wanna go to the American candy shop! I am gonna stock up!

I guess its better to try and do something, even if its too hard or doesn't go well!



P.S ~ when we get the puppy, he will be 8/9 weeks, pretty young!

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