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The Puppy Episode

On the 19th of September last year my dog Dougal died at the age of 7. lj entry at that time He was the first dog we ever had as a family and joined our two cats. We got him in 1996 and he was born with a heart valve problem which in the end got worse and worse :( He died peacefully and at least we did not have to put him to sleep or his level of life got unliveable :( Dougal was a pedigree King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and at the time cost £325 and came with a certificate and everything.

What we did not know at the time was that nearly all dog breeds, if not all, have some sort of genetic weakness. Talking to people at our local park, all their breeds have some sort of problem. King Charles have heart problems, German Shepards have problems in their bones and their back legs and skeletal system. It really annoys me there is no book or website out there that lists each breed and the problems they could become susceptical from!

We did not want another King Charles, its too easy just to replace Dougal exactly, but every dog has a different personality. We started looking at rescue dogs and all alternatives. lj entry at the time We went to this wonderful local rehoming centre that was started by two sisters in 1886 called the The Mayhew Animal Home The sisters were the Mayhew Sisters and started it because of the lost, sick and starving animals they saw in London. We saw a few dogs there that were lovely. There was a cute little Chihuahua that I cannot remember the name of, Trixie, which we went to go and see in that old journal entry who was half sausage dog and something else. She was lovely but was 6 years old and very nervous. There was also Black Jack a nearly 2 year old Springer Spaniel, but he was not really good for our home. He did not get on with cats and didn't rehoming with other dogs.

They told us as we left that not to feel guilty or anything. All dogs in that home are rehomed and most stay a maximum of a month! London has most of the population living in it, in the whole UK. So I guess that rescue animals go fast! But one nice thing the home does is that they go and collect dogs from other parts of the UK and save them from being put down :(

They phoned us this week and said they had puppies. They did a trip to Ireland and collected a lot of dogs to save. Including 40 puppies! In one week all 40 puppies are gone its amazing! We went yesterday and the batch they had left (we think they were doing one group of puppies a day). they were all Chihuahua crossed with border collie. so they will be like miniature border collies. Apparently there is a group of Collie dogs called Shelties (Shetland Sheepdogs) that will about their size. They look very border collie though. We didn't want a puppy too big and also a puppy can be training and can live with cats and its something a older rescue dog perhaps cant do :( There was about 5 puppies in the litter and all were boys. We really want a girl dog, because we had a boy before, but they were lovely!

The next stage is choosing one, its so hard! They all had Irish names because they were taken from there (they all could have their name changed later). There was quite a white dog called Leprechaun. The prettiest one was already taken, but we choose a puppy called Shamus and these are the world exclusive pictures!

My mother holding Shamus</a>

my mother holding Shamus to have his microchip code checked.

the puppy litter</a>

They were all sleeping awwww, not sure which one is him! He has one black paw and one white! awwww lol

You can see more of the puppies here Our pups are the Collie Cross on that page, and have a big picture of all of them! Not sure which is ours though :) The Chihuahua/Collie Cross dogs are all black and white only, with no brown.

They are so sweet. So we put down money on the dog and it was a £95 admin fee for the charity. This includes 6 months insurance, from when we get him, micro chipping (already done) and neutering which is done at 6months. One of the terms of getting a rescue dog from there, is to have them neutered and its because they don't want a million dogs on the streets. Our cats are already done, but we never had Dougal done!

Next someone has to come in a few days and visit our house, and they should contact us and make an appointment sometime soon. Then we can collect the dog within 48 hours! I think we should have a new pup in a week or so!

A new puppy feels me with dread. All the training and toilet training fun again! Cats are so much easier! But I do miss having a dog and its such a good excuse to go and walk and get exercise! I think its gonna go well, I am just nervous and as a family we do want one :)

My parents love the name Shamus and thinking of keeping him called that because of his Irish connections! I suggested Shaun (the sheep dog) We will have to go and talk to my neighbours who are Irish and get a list of boys Irish names!

I am sure the cats will love him! / or they will have to get used to living with him! lol ;)

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