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I watched ER tonight and now feel really depressed. It was the new episode with Kerry and Sandy and the fire :( It was so sad. I swear no one in a fictional tv programme can ever have a happy life, especially not in a drama! It means the UK is just two weeks away from America on episodes now!

Tonight in America was the finale of Friends and that happens in the UK on the 28th May. I refuse to look up or find out anything about it on-line! I don't want to ruin it! Although this did not work for the first season of 24 and final ep of sex and the city! lol I am always too curious! Some cunt ruined the first season of 24 for me, by writing it in HUGE black letters on their homepage, all the spoilers and twists! :( I should just not read!

Now I am gonna be sulky and depressed in bed :( It's funny how a depressed tv ep or film can get you down :(
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