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Extreme cruelty

My site is down and disappeared but shall return later :) It's just having its server upgraded. I hope the new one comes with flashing lights and neon! It's the future you know!

I really should post here more, and you know what I will!

Today's random political thought of the day:- What's the point in doing speeches on Arabic TV Stations, when you're not even going to apologise for the actions of the soldiers of your country?

There was a tv show in the UK a few weeks ago, I missed it, but its all about killing and the military. It's actually very hard for a normal person with sane mind to shoot someone dead. Even if they are the "enemy". The prog was looking through history at the second world war and most British soldiers found it very hard to shoot someone dead. Even in the Nazi prisoner of war camps, there was some guards who licked up that role, of torture and general evilness, but there is tales of some guards who would be sick, after being forced to do things to the prisoners.

To be the ultimate soldier, do you have to be sadist with a fucked up mind where you lose normal boundaries of society?

I was wondering today, are some of the best military and police officers in the world almost as bad as some of the criminals who do multiple killings? If someone who is a serial killer had become a policeman or women or joined the military, would it have changed their lives completely? They would have had a output for their thoughts.

I am not saying all military and police workers are sick in the head. I am saying what makes the soldiers who kill the most enemy so good? A "normal" person would be massive affected killing someone, and people in the military can be depressed and really fucked up after killing someone. Even if they are told to kill the person/s and they are the "enemy".

Many countries in the world have had military personal do despicable things to prisoners and people in their charge. In Vietnam there is a book about women, men and children were raped and had terrible things done to them, by American military. I am sure every country in the world has had people do terrible things in the military cause. But can these people help it? Maybe they are so fucked in the mind by killing, they are sadist and derive pleasure from what they do. It's makes the ultimate killing machine. Like the Terminator, the ultimate killing machine. The fictional robots had no "limiting" thoughts killing who they were programmed to, and also had no "guilt". Those are our basic human thoughts, that make us normal and not a homicidal killer.

Does Bush have anything to apologise for? I think if the alleged UK and USA photos are true its terrible and sick and those military people have abused their position. But could they even help it?

What's the difference between that "doing it in their free time" and interrogation of a prisoner? Are they expects at getting information out, or just love doing it?

I used to be so pro military ,and want to sleep with a guy in uniform. I think that whistMiss Kyra has made me more and more anti military!

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