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*** Rusty saved the day yey! ***

Is there any fantastically knowledgeable people out there who are experts in CSS?

A friend made the graphics and the layout for my homepage. He created a css file for it, which I had never used before. Now I know they are wonderful things and its so helpful for each page! I know css basics now, but there is a permanent bug on my homepages and I cannot figure it out and can't find anyone else who can! He tried for hours to work it out.

I can centre / center text and images fine on pages, but I cannot centre tables argh! It's so annoying! Its something to do with the CSS. It makes stuff fuck up, eg example The portal box will not centre, and I cannot work out how to do it! If I write a lot of text in the box, then it centres but I think that is cos the text will centre but not the actually tabling argh. Does anyone know how to do it?

I looked on google and found this suggestion...

margin: 0 auto;

But it's not fixing it :(

Anybody got any ideas? I will worship you forever! as well as Satan, Buddha and Seaman
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