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I survived and returned, its like such a recon mission!

I am exhausted after my holiday. It was good and I survived and even survived all my family trying to get in the bathroom in the mornings. My family cannot survive with one bathroom alone! I felt iller towards the end and now feeling dead. I need a holiday at home now :)

I have photos and most postie things to do one day!

I have ADSL going now. It's so fabulously fast! But movies /p0rn/ video/ music is so slow to download. I need faster speeds, faster speeds I tell you!

conversation with ironmanjt....

[02:41] ironmanjt: do you have cicadas in the UK?
[02:41] DANielJ UK: nope just leprachauns
[02:41] ironmanjt: do you know what cicadas are?
[02:42] DANielJ UK: like spanish grass hoopers?
[02:42] DANielJ UK: hoppers
[02:42] DANielJ UK: i think just in europe?
[02:42] ironmanjt: hmmmm not really
[02:43] DANielJ UK: insects?
[02:44] ironmanjt: yeah
[02:44] ironmanjt: they come by the millions
[02:44] ironmanjt: every 17 years
[02:45] ironmanjt: then they have sex, and come back 17 yrs later
[02:45] DANielJ UK: do you have them in dc? i thought they were the same as cricket things
[02:45] DANielJ UK: oh my god i think they get more sex than me argh

the realisation is scary for all!
now I sleep!

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