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Rug eating

Day 3 - yesterday (Easter Monday). It's a public holiday but most shops are open and everywhere is very crowded and busy. The nearest "big town" is Matlock and its very popular with motorbikers! We saw tonnes in sexy biker leathers and there is loads of cyclists in lycra all around too! So in the morning we brought some groceries and explored the town a bit.

The cottage is for 4 people and is old but really modern and recently done up inside! It is old stone brick outside and has really thick walls.When you enter it, through a stable door, there is a small kitchen. Off that is a living room & dining area, with a tv & video and hifi and enclosed wood fire. In the kitchen there is another door off it into a cupboard with a fridge in it and another door into the downstairs hall.

Off the hall is a bathroom with shower and steps going up to two bedrooms. one is a double with brass bedstead (my parents room) ard another with twin beds which me and my brotler sleep in. My bed is annoyingly next to the boiler but its not too noisy lol. It's annoying having the bathroom downstairs but the steps are not steep but still a pain during the night!

Outside the house immediatly is a patio and grass areas and a chicken coop and orchard of trees. To the left is a wood shed and to the right is the field of two horses. A massive black horse called Echo and a Shetland pony called Tobey which seems to be friendly and does not bite! There is also a big black laboudor puppy (its massive) called Symba and a black cat who wonders around.

After shopping we went to visit Hardwick Hall and gardens. We visited the old hall which is ruins but fun and new hall. The new hall was so over the top and showing off! It has huge windows and walls upon walls of tapiestries. The beautiful front view of the house is in scaffolding for the whole of 2004! :(

We went home from there driving past Chatsworth House and when we got home, my father took us for a local walk which was really steep grrr! That was my day!

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