Daniel (shoppingqueen) wrote,

the sick cat (aka the mangy pussie)

Day 2 - aka yesterday! I was so tired last night and couldn't be arsed to make an entry and just went to bed!

We went to a village called Birchover and climbed some rocks which had caves and loads of crazy shiznit! Then we went on a long walk from the village to "The Nine Sisters" on Stanton Moor. For the length and steepness of the walk to it, it's no stone henge! It's a small stone circle (you can sit on them height) of 9 stones and they are Bronze Age or older (allegidly)

They still were pretty good! The area is in danger of being sold for development and loads of hippies are camping out around it to try and save it! There is a "save it" campaign online, but cannot be arsed to find the website on my phone!

It would be sad if houses were built over it! currently its part of Stanton Moor. We walked around it and saw our house from the top of a huge hill from far away!

We walked back to the village of Birchover and had a snack & drink at the Druid Inn! We were sitting outside and there was a ginger / red cat sleeping in a tub of daffodils, it was so gorgeous! we saw the cat sneaking past the pub earlier.

Sitting near the cat outside the pub was some hippies (we saw loads of cool hippies / new age travellers that day) when they got up and left, the cat came up to our table. It seemed a lovely cat but I think it was wild / feral / etc but seemed quite tame and friendly.

We all (my family) felt so sorry for it. It had half a tail (but it seemed to be old and clean and professionally done - so maybe it was done in the past by a vet?) and had fur problems and ticks and fleas and loads of problems. When we stroked it, it had a horrible breathing sound and stuck its tongue out. Our cats sometimes stick out their tongues when purring. My mum thinks the poor thing was on its last legs!

A cute guy came out and was collecting glasses and l asked him if it was the pub cat and he said no but he had seen it earlier. Afterwards my mum said she hoped someone took it to a charity vet to get help. The cat did not seem distressed or in pain and we gave it some food at our table! I hope it will be okay and we can barely afford our expensive vets bills when our cats get in fights!

Later on we went to see a water mill that made flour etc. I loved these machines which shook and sieved and sorted the flour.

The cockerals did not wake me up, the walls and windows are so sound proof & thick, my parents were louder and woke me up more! I did have trouble getting to sleep but did get some on the first night in the end :)

I shall send this off now!

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